For North Las Vegas Mayor

Nathan On The Issues

When people think of North Las Vegas, I want them to see what I see: a great place to Live, Work, and Play. Here is my BOLD VISION:


I love living in North Las Vegas. My family has been here since the early 90’s, and I have called it home for almost a decade. 

I know for a fact North Las Vegas could be even better. Our residents deserve more public parks to take their kids to. They deserve improved city services that match the growth of our population.

When people consider moving to our Valley, North Las Vegas should be their first choice to go, not their last choice. This will require a serious look at our city’s resources and how we can best leverage them to make North Las Vegas a more beautiful place to live.


The residents of North Las Vegas should have quality employment opportunities in the city. They shouldn’t have to settle for second best to live near where their kids go to school. They shouldn’t have to commute outside the city. 

As Mayor, I will do everything in my power to make moving to North Las Vegas the best decision a business could make. That means keeping taxes low and favorable to employers. That means cutting red tape. 

That also means making it easier to start a business here at home. I see so much untapped potential in our city. Let’s make it happen.


North Las Vegas is blessed with a large population and room for growth, but most of her residents go elsewhere when they have time or money to spare.  I see it happen just about every weekend and I think it can be different!

North Las Vegas should not be left out of great opportunities for growth in tourism and hospitality. North Las Vegas residents ought to have more entertainment opportunities and unique restaurant options in their own backyard. 

As mayor, I will aggressively reach out to businesses throughout the valley and beyond. We will make North Las Vegas bigger and better.

Together, we will get the job done.

– Nathan Atkins, Candidate for North Las Vegas Mayor.

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