For North Las Vegas Mayor

Meet Nathan Atkins

Nathan Atkins: Leader for North Las Vegas


The Atkins family has called North Las Vegas home since the early 90’s. 

Nathan has lived in North Las Vegas for nearly a decade. As a resident of the city, Nathan is eager to help the city fulfill its great potential. 

Nathan is confident North Las Vegas has the opportunity to continue creating unique spaces and attractions while building a spirit of community around a vision of innovation and growth. He is confident that with the appropriate leadership, North Las Vegas will continue to be a great place to live, work, and play. 

How Nathan can get it done:

  • Create a bold vision 
  • Develop goals based on achieving that vision
  • Empowering North Las Vegas to turn the vision into a reality

    While serving during Desert Storm, Atkins witnessed this kind of leadership firsthand from General Schwarzkopf. As a strategist, the general created the bold vision the soldiers needed to carry out. However, the General routinely engaged his soldiers in the field to reinforce his confidence in their ability and to establish mutual respect.

    As an executive in numerous corporations, Nathan Atkins set practical goals for multi-state operation and expansion. He took the great, bold vision and made it accessible to all members of the team with simple, easily accomplished goals. This is what makes him a successful leader within any organization he has been a part of.

    Nathan Atkins will do the same for voters of North Las Vegas. He will take and grow what the people entrust with him with common sense policies;

    • Keeping Taxes Low,
    • Amending city codes to create a great environment for business,
    • Creating new parks and public spaces for people to gather,
    • Aggressively working to promote North Las Vegas to companies looking for a new place to operate. 

    For Nathan Atkins, the place to be is North Las Vegas. The time to build is now.

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